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Educational Therapy

What is Educational Therapy?

Educational therapy is a general term used to describe the work an educator does 1:1 with learners, typically outside of school. Educational therapy is broad and individualised, therapists help build your child’s academic skills and self-confidence. The work they do can be quite varied.


Why Choose U&I Educational Partners?


At U&I Educational Partners we support children and young people from preschool/kindergarten stage right through to adolescents and young adults. We specialise in working with the neurodivergent community with learning difficulties and thinking differences. Our staff are qualified in a range of areas to support your child - we have teachers - primary and secondary, early childhood educators, specialist reading and mathematics professionals.  Our lived experience and many years of training in wellbeing, disability and trauma mean we take the time to build a relationship with your child and family based on trust and mutual-respect. We direct you and your child in the learning and outcomes, you and your child direct us in types of activities we will do to ensure engagement and success. 

Working with you and your child we can develop their:

  • Self-awareness & Self-management

  • Social awareness & Relationship skills

  • Responsible decision making

  • Metacognition - Learning to Learn

  • Reading & Mathematics understanding & skills

*NDIS funding can be used for self- and plan-managed families

Reading Intervention for children with or without a Specific Learning Disability

Are you seeking support for your child in reading?  We use the Sounds-Write Program. Sounds-Write is an evidence-based linguistic program widely used throughout Australia and the UK providing successful outcomes for students learning to read and spell. 

What is Sounds-Write?

Sounds-Write is an evidence-based linguistic phonic program utilising an exciting and highly successful approach to the teaching of reading and spelling.

The program is developmentally appropriate for beginning readers and also offers fast and highly effective intervention for children of all levels who have fallen behind in their reading and spelling.

If you are seeking a diagnosis of dyslexia for your child, our program is a recognised Tier 3 intervention with SPELD Victoria.


Availability is limited - contact us to book in an initial consultation.

Social, Emotional & Metacognitive Capacity Building

Supporting children to recognise, manage and advocate for their emotional and learning needs for school and life


We work one on one with children with or without a formal diagnosis to develop a strong understanding of themselves. We support them to determine their social and emotional strengths, develop their awareness of emotions they experience and how to implement taught strategies to manage their emotions. We support your child's social success through developing their social awareness and relationship skills, while helping them to recognise their strengths, talents and interests that can help build their self concept and add to the lives of their peer group. 

Our staff can also support your child's metacognitive learning - that is learning to learn. We can work (with permission) onsite at school or at our offices to teach children how to access learning when your brain thinks differently. Organising information, accessing resources, working tough and seeking help are all examples of ways our staff can support your child. 

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