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Services for Schools

U&I Educational Partners offers support to both primary and secondary schools. Supports include: 

Our qualified and professional staff can support you, your teams, your individual staff, Education Support Staff and Students through:

1. Whole staff professional development or individual/group coaching in managing children's complex behaviour

2. Supporting students, their teachers and support staff through tailored small group support

3. Providing support for a small group of students or for individual students displaying behaviours that challenge.


We can work through, with you, the options that match your desired outcomes and build a package that meets your needs.

Professional Development & School Support

Whole school professional development in managing students’ complex behaviour including, but not limited to:

  • overviews of the development of Barrier to Learning Plans, Individual Learning Plans, Behaviour Support Plans, and Individual Education Plans as applicable to the school,

  • responding to incidents,

  • building relationships with students with complex needs such as trauma, ASD & ADHD, and

  • differentiation for students with complex needs in planning and through reasonable adjustments.


Development of whole school Victorian Curriculum assessments and tracking documents in the Social and Emotional Capability with analysis of data and recommendations

Assisting teams, including support staff teams, to develop Professional Development Plan goals and appropriate monitoring tools and evaluation strategies


Parent information sessions on child development and behaviour, neurodivergence, and trauma-informed education

Targeted Small Group Support

Delivering our Set for Success in Learning and Life program (to up to 25 students) over 10 weekly sessions to teach new skills and reinforce known skills that aren't used effectively or regularly.

Support for teachers and support staff of the students in the group setting to assist with differentiation of curriculum and implementation of supports.

Support for teachers of the students in the small group with development of:

  • Barriers to Learning - Individual Plans,

  • Behaviour Support Plans,

  • Individual Learning Plans, and

  • Individual Education Plans

as applicable to the school based on student data.​

Assessments of students against the Victorian Curriculum's Personal and Social Capability and the CASEL-aligned Social Skills Improvement System.

Consultation regarding student behaviour incidents including:

  • observations,

  • modelling,

  • coaching,

  • feedback, and

  • support during meetings with parents.

Tailored Individual Support

Individual sessions with the student to teach or reinforce learning in line with the student's behaviour support plan

Coaching, modelling and planning support for differentiation with the students' teacher/s & support staff

Completion of an Educational Functional Behaviour Assessment

Development of a Behaviour Support Plan with the school and parents/carers

Liaison with external agencies involved with the student

Individual management of, and response to, the student's behaviour incidents including:

  • intervention during the incident (if U&I Educational Partners staff are onsite)

  • follow up, and

  • response to the incident with the school's wellbeing team or leadership team

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